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California to Florida Vehicle Auto Transport


Approximate Distance

2,706.0 miles

Estimated Transit Time

7 - 8 Days

Estimated Price

$1754 - $2381

When you're planning to move from California to Florida and you need to transport your vehicle across these two states, you've come to the right place. Ship Car To Another State delves into the ins and outs of California to Florida vehicle auto transport, covering everything from the various methods available in the cost factors and we’ll provide you the best and the cheapest ways to ship your car to another state.

Methods to Transport your vehicle from California to Florida

When it's about the methods to ship your vehicle from California to Florida, you have several options available at Ship Car To Another State. The method will depend on your choice ,preferences, budget, and the level of protection you want for your vehicle.Our available features are given below:

  • Open Auto Transport

    Open auto transport service is provided by approx every transportation company as it is one of the most common and cost-effective methods. Your vehicle will be loaded onto an open-air carrier, similar to the carrier used for transporting multiple vehicles to car dealerships for sale. This method is ideal and budget friendly for customers and for their standard vehicles in good condition.

  • Enclosed Auto Transport

    Enclosed Auto Transport is used in the situation where you have a luxury or high-value vehicle, enclosed auto transport provides an extra layer of protection and makes the delivery more secure. Your vehicle will be placed inside an enclosed trailer by shielding it from the elements and potential road debris.

  • Door-to-Door Auto Transport

    We provide our customers Door-to-door auto transport service which is a convenient option where we pick up your vehicle from your current location in California and deliver it directly to your desired destination in Florida safely within the given delivery period. This method saves your time and effort, so you won't need to drop off or pick up your vehicle from a terminal. We'll do that for you.

  • Terminal-to-Terminal Auto Transport

    We provide our customers Terminal-to-terminal auto transport which involves dropping off and picking up your vehicle at designated terminals. Terminal-to-terminal auto transport may be more affordable, as it requires you to arrange transportation to and from designated terminals, which can be less convenient for customers.

From California To Florida Distance Cost Estimated Transit Time
Los Angeles, CA to Jacksonville, FL 2,416 miles $909.00 - $1,425.00 5 - 6 days
Los Angeles, CA to Tampa, FL 2,526.3 miles $950.00 - $1,450.00 5 - 7 days
Los Angeles, CA to Orlando, FL 2,509 miles $933.00 - $1,437.00 5 - 6 days
Los Angeles, CA to Miami, FL 2,733.0 miles $970.00 - $1,530.00 6 - 8 days
Los Angeles , CA to St. Petersburg, FL 2,549.3 miles $970.00 - $1,480.00 5 - 7 days
From California To Florida Distance Cost Estimated Transit Time
San Francisco , CA to Jacksonville, FL 2,725.6 miles $979.00 - $1,545.00 6 - 8 days
San Francisco , CA to Miami, FL 3,042.6 miles $1,030.00 - $1,600.00 7 - 8 days
San Francisco , CA to Tampa, FL 2,835.9 miles $1023.00 - $1,557.00 6 - 8 days
San Francisco , CA to Orlando, FL 2,818.8 miles $1,010.00 - $1,530.00 6 - 8 days
San Francisco , CA to St. Petersburg, FL 2,858.9 miles $1,040.00 - $1,560.00 6 - 8 days
From California To Florida Distance Cost Estimated Transit Time
San Diego , CA to Jacksonville, FL 2,338.1 miles $900.00 - $1,415.00 5 - 6 days
San Diego , CA to Miami, FL 2,655.2 miles $980.00 - $1,500.00 6 - 8 days
San Diego , CA to Tampa, FL 2,448.4 miles $933.00 - $1,437.00 5 - 6 days
San Diego , CA to Orlando, FL 2,431.3 miles $930.00 - $1,430.00 5 - 6 days
San Diego , CA to St. Petersburg, FL 2,471.4 miles $980.00 - $1,400.00 6 - 7 days
From California To Florida Distance Cost Estimated Transit Time
Sacramento , CA to Jacksonville, FL 2,721.6 miles $990.00 - $1,500.00 5 - 6 days
Sacramento , CA to Miami, FL 3,038.6 miles $1,035.00 - $1,615.00 7 - 8 days
Sacramento , CA to Tampa, FL 2,831.9 miles $1020.00 - $1,547.00 7 - 8 days
Sacramento , CA to Orlando, FL 2,814.7 miles $1,020.00 - $1,547.00 7 - 8 days
Sacramento , CA to St. Petersburg, FL 2,854.9 miles $1,030.00 - $1,557.00 7 - 8 days

**It is important to note that the prices and times listed are only estimates and will vary depending on factors such as the season and the type of vehicle being shipped. Use our car shipping calculator to get an instant price quote for your exact type of shipment.

We are committed to delivering a safe, equitable, and reliable transportation system.

How to Ship Car to Another State

Shipping your 4 wheel travel buddy from California to Florida involves a short series of steps to ensure a smooth and successful transportation process. Here just follow these step to ensure your California to Florida auto shipping

  • Study and Planning

    The first step is to study auto transport companies pricing ,services and gather their quotes. Only look for reputable companies with positive and high customer reviews and check their licensing and insurance credentials so the chosen company can be beneficial for you. Compare their pricing and available services to find the best fit for your needs to transport your vehicle from California to Florida.

  • Prepare Your Vehicle

    You have to prepare your vehicle for transport by cleaning it thoroughly to determine its real condition before shipping and making sure to document its current condition including photographs, and removing personal belongings as they do not come under insurance. Ensure your vehicle condition is good and it is in working order to avoid any delays or issues during Transport.

  • Choosing a Reliable Auto Transport Company

    Make sure you have Select an auto transport company that aligns with all your needs and budget conditions. Read their customer reviews, prefer their rating and ask for references if necessary. Ensure that the company is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and has a valid motor carrier number and you can also ask them for that.

  • Getting Multiple Quotes

    You can request for price quotes from multiple auto transport companies to compare prices and services. Be wary of any quotes that seem too good to be true, as they may indicate hidden fees so be careful about that.

  • Reviewing Contracts and Insurance

    You should carefully review the agreement provided by your chosen auto transport company. That agreement is signed to ensure you understand all terms and conditions, including insurance coverage policies. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask for clarification just ask as many times as you want.

  • Vehicle Pickup and Delivery

    You have to coordinate with the auto transport company for the pickup date and location in California. You have to be present during the vehicle inspection ,loading process to verify the vehicle's exact condition. Similarly,You have to be present upon delivery in Florida to inspect your vehicle and ensure it arrives in the same condition.

  • Final Inspection and Payment

    You have to conduct a final inspection of your vehicle upon delivery and confirm that it matches the condition documented before transport. Once you are satisfied, complete the payment to the driver.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Car from California to Florida

We assure you a rough estimate here, you can expect to pay approx between $800 to $1,500 or more to ship a standard-sized car from California to Florida using open transport. For enclosed transport to make your vehicle secure from road debris or if you have a larger or more valuable vehicle, then the cost can exceed $2,000 or maybe more.

It's crucial to obtain pricing quotes from reputable auto transport companies and to get an accurate and up-to-date estimate for your vehicle transport. Transportation prices may have changed since my last update, so we recommend reaching out to auto transport companies or using online quote comparison tools to get the most accurate and current pricing information. Additionally, you should consider factors like insurance, delivery timelines, and the company's reputation when making your decision.

Popular Shipping Destinations: Zip Codes We Serve


  • Los Angeles : 90001, 90026, 90046, 90210, 90291, 90292, 91316, 91436, 91604, 90071
  • San Francisco : 94102, 94110, 94114, 94117, 94123, 94133, 94109, 94115, 94121, 94118
  • San Diego : 92101, 92109, 92111, 92122, 92130, 92126, 92104, 92107, 92037, 92127
  • Sacramento : 95814, 95811, 95816, 95818, 95820, 95822, 95825, 95833, 95834, 95838


  • Jacksonville : 32207, 32210, 32224, 32256, 32204, 32246, 32205, 32258, 32225, 32202
  • Tampa : 33602, 33606, 33609, 33611, 33629, 33612, 33613, 33614, 33617, 33647
  • Orlando : 32801, 32803, 32806, 32812, 32822, 32828, 32835, 32837, 32839, 32832
  • Miami : 33132, 33139, 33140, 33156, 33186, 33165, 33173, 33175, 33178, 33189
  • St. Petersburg : 33701, 33704, 33705, 33707, 33710, 33713, 33716, 33771, 33777, 33781

Factors which affect delivery costing and duration

The cost and duration of shipping from California to Florida can vary widely depending on these factors:

  • Distance: The distance between the pickup location and delivery location is a significant cost factor. Longer distances typically result in higher shipping costs for transporting vehicles.

  • Vehicle Size and Weight: Larger and heavy duty vehicles require more space on the carrier and may incur higher fees as it requires a bigger carrier.

  • Vehicle Condition: Non-operational vehicles or those with special handling requirements like classic and vintage vehicles may cost more to transport.

  • Time of Year: Seasonal factors can influence your shipping pricing as weather is one of the most essential factors. Transporting your vehicle during the peak of moving seasons, such as summer, which is going to be expensive.

  • Type of Service: This is all your choice , your choice between open and enclosed transport will impact the cost, with enclosed transport transportation is going to be more expensive.

Reasons to Choose us for your Upcoming Auto Shipment Needs

11 Years of Auto Transportation

Being an experience auto transporter in the industry, we understand most of the shipping routes and challenges during the vehicle transportation making your car shipping process easy and reliable.

Auto Transport Experts

In the process of Car Shipment it is very necessary to have excellent customer support agents to answer and assist the shipment process Our Auto Professionals goes an extra mile to make your complex car shipping process an easy one.

$ Zero Down Payment

We never take any upfront payment to schedule your Auto Transportation.We charge you money at the time of assigning of the driver. Once Driver is appointed we get in touch to confirm the date and time of the Auto Carrier.

Price Match

You will have unbeatable savings with the Ship Car To Another State Price Match guarantee! We have beaten every competitor's price and we ensure you always get the best services at lowest market cost .

Fully Insured

Our Auto insurance are from the top notch insurance agency making your car shipment 100% insured covering all kind of damages if occured during the car shipment process. Insurance coverage are always included in the price that we offer.

Peace of Mind

Our Responsibility begins once you finalize the order with us. We answer all your questions at the time of booking, work as per your desired Car shipping requirement with the driver and provide you GPS tracking system to track Carrier during transportation.

How we Ship Your Car from Point A to Point B

Get Quotes

It is never easy to get car shipping quotes with other Vehicle Transportation companies, but we here make the process simple as our Auto Transport Experts are just a call away ( +1 (833) 233-4447. ) Our Vehicle Shipping Quotes are based on cost on which we can safely deliver your vehicle to your Desired location on a given time including full Car insurance coverage and taxes in it.

Vehicle Pickup

On Provided Date our Specialise Auto Transport Carrier will contact you and inform you about the Car Pickup Time and Location as Provided earlier. The Driver will pickup the Car with all required tools to ensure the it gets safely loaded on the truck. Driver will take pictures and Videos of the Vehicle and will confirm the same to the Auto Transport Agent

Shipping Process

As soon as we receive your car the care and safety of your vehicle is our Responsibility. We understand that you are not only shipping your car but also trusting us. We provide you the GPS tracking system most of the time to track the current location of the Auto Carrier so you can have peace of mind. As you are shipping with the best Auto Transportation company so your CAr Shipment is Fully insured.

Vehicle Delivery

Like Pickup, Our Auto Carrier Driver will call you and confirm you about the Delivery Time on the mentioned date by the Transport Agent. Our Driver will come to your desired location as close as possible . At the time of Vehicle Delivery we charge you the Final Payment as mentioned during the booking and Drivers take Pictures and videos of the Car to ensure transportation agent about the successful delivery of the Vehicle.

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