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On the customer's request Ship Car To Another State arranges the transportation of the customer's shipment by a professional carrier according to these terms.

When Ship Car To Another State carrier accepts the customer's order, the service considered to be finished.The customer has to know and agree to the our following terms:


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Responsibility As Our Customers


When you place your order with the Ship Car To Another State, we have the right to charge non-refundable fees of $100. We divide payment in two parts. You have to pay your first installment (which is usually known as the initial payment) when we assign a carrier to ship your vehicle. The remaining balance is due when your vehicle has been delivered to your desired location.

Some important points regarding to the payment options are:

Fully insured:

The carrier will be responsible if any damage happens to customers' vehicles while shipping. Contracted carriers will be responsible for covering any damages or theft caused by the driver only during transportation

Carriers are not authorized or covered by insurance to transport personal stuff in the vehicle as insurance policy did not cover personal stuff. We understand that you may need to transport some stuff in the vehicle, but please make sure that the stuff should be in the trunk with a total weight of 100 pounds as more than that will be against transportation policy . Extra charges may be charged if it exceeds the weight of 100 pounds.

Vehicle Inspection:

No client should release or receive the vehicle from the carrier driver without any inspection, regardless of the weather conditions or time of the day. If the client is unable to do the inspection, you cannot file a damage claim. Any damage will be reported within 24 hours of delivery. Each damage has been mentioned in BOL. It is important for a customer to inspect the vehicle carefully.

Governing Law

Clients have the opportunity to seek legal counsel for advice. This agreement shall not be subjected to any risk of construction that ambiguities against the drafting party.

The state law shall govern this agreement. Both parties have to mutually agree that every legal action related to this agreement will be filed in a court within the state.

Contact information:

For any requirements and further questions about the terms and conditions of the service should be sent to us at