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Affordable ways to ship a car in USA (2022)

The cheapest way to ship your car is to pick the company best suited for your specific needs. Costs often vary depending on how far you’re going, where you’re located, and what type of transport you need....

Routes Miles Time Avg. Cost
CALIFORNIA TO FLORIDA 2,706.0 mi 40 hr $2099
CALIFORNIA TO FLORIDA 2,706.0 mi 40 hr $2099
CALIFORNIA TO FLORIDA 2,706.0 mi 40 hr $2099
CALIFORNIA TO FLORIDA 2,706.0 mi 40 hr $2099
CALIFORNIA TO FLORIDA 2,706.0 mi 40 hr $2099


With a variety of choices accessible in the market, getting your car moved from one part of the United States to another is quite simple in 2022. With so many vehicle transportation companies to select from, it's easy to find the lowest choice, but the most important thing is to get your vehicle safely transported from one area to another between states. When comparing pricing and trying to find the best deal, we often overlook other factors such as safety, on-time service, insurance, Covid 19 standards, tracking and more.

Are you planning to get your Car move ? By comparing companies and looking for economical services, we'll show you how to get cheap auto shipping while keeping in mind other parameters as well. Because auto transportation is a supply-and-demand industry, rates can vary significantly. The simplest way to choose a carrier at a fair price is to use a shipping broker. In this post, we'll go through the aspects that influence the price of car shipping services, make recommendations for transportation businesses, and offer cost-cutting measures. You may also learn more about the best auto shipping companies and compare free quotations from our top recommendations right away.


  • Get a couple of quotes
  • Opt for an open transport carrier over one that is enclosed.
  • Ship during the non-peak season
  • Hire an auto transport broker
  • The journey's length
  • Get in the Car and Drive It Yourself
  • Allow a family member or friend to operate the vehicle.

Get a couple of quotes:

Obtaining numerous quotations is a simple approach for determining the fair market shipping price and locating a low-cost car shipping provider if you are on a limited budget.You should get at least 2-3 quotations from vehicle transport brokers or carriers if you phone them directly. Do some market research and get quotes from various brands to acquire the greatest pricing quote available. Compare them and, based on your budget, choose the one that appears to be the most promising. You may also acquire a thorough picture of their customer service rules and potential service quality by looking at their website.Get started right now by requesting a quick quotation from us!

Opt for an open transport carrier over one that is enclosed.

The cheapest shipping company price can be determined by how you choose to transport your vehicle. An open–air trailer or an enclosed trailer are the two most common ways to transport a vehicle. Open-air car transportation is the less expensive of the two options.The sort of car shipping service you select will have a significant impact on the price of your relocation. Open-air carriers are less expensive, whereas enclosed carriers are more expensive.Enclosed transports consume more gasoline than open vehicles. It is better for the environment and cheap car transport for the customer to use less fuel.

Ship during the non-peak season

When deciding on the best season to transport your vehicle, stay away from winter.No matter what time of year you ship your car, rush delivery costs a pretty penny.Avoid the Snowbird Season if at all possible.The first week of the new year should be avoided


Rapid Auto Shipping is a well-known auto Transportation firm in the United States. It aids in the timely delivery of vehicles, which is a top concern for us, as well as providing inexpensive rates. From loading your vehicle at your location to delivering it to the destination of your choice, we handle it all. North, south, east, or west are all possibilities. Rapid Auto Shipping not only transports your vehicle, but also offers you with a bank-issued insurance policy to assure its safe arrival. To ensure that your dream cars and vehicles are completely safe, we use all government-recommended norms, rules, and correct package covers, as well as trustworthy suppliers.


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