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Hawaii to Mainland Vehicle Auto Transport

Ship Car To Another State is the best choice for your Wheel buddy for Hawaii To Mainland transport with fast delivery, affordable service with full reliability.


Approximate Distance

2,471 miles

Estimated Transit Time

7 - 8 Days

Estimated Price

$1789 - $3836

When you want your vehicle to relocate from the stunning islands of Hawaii to the mainland of The USA, one of the most difficult tasks is how to transport your vehicle safely and efficiently without damaging your vehicle. Shipping your wheel buddy from Hawaii to the mainland may seem like an exhausting task but Ship Car To Another State you don't have to fear out of that.We are here to guide and help you to navigate with the transportation process.

Hawaii to Mainland Auto Transport

Transporting your vehicle from Hawaii to the mainland involves crossing the Pacific Ocean and navigating to many other complex routes. Hawaii to mainland auto transport involves shipping your car over a longer distance with complex roads, and the journey may vary which affect delivery duration as it depends on various factors, including the shipping method and delivery location.

From Hawaii To Mainland Distance Cost Estimated Transit Time
Honolulu, Hawaii to Los Angeles, California 2,556 miles $909.00 - $1,425.00 5 - 6 days
Honolulu, Hawaii to San Francisco, California 2,398 miles $950.00 - $1,450.00 5 - 7 days
Honolulu, Hawaii to Seattle, Washington 2,678 miles $933.00 - $1,437.00 5 - 6 days
Honolulu, Hawaii to Oakland, California 2,733.0 miles $970.00 - $1,530.00 6 - 8 days
Honolulu, Hawaii to Portland, Oregon 2,525 miles $970.00 - $1,480.00 5 - 7 days
From Hawaii To Mainland Distance Cost Estimated Transit Time
Honolulu, Hawaii to New York City, New York 4,982 miles $979.00 - $1,545.00 6 - 8 days
Honolulu, Hawaii to Chicago, Illinois 4,431 miles $1,030.00 - $1,600.00 7 - 8 days
Honolulu, Hawaii to Las Vegas, Nevada 2,762 miles $1023.00 - $1,557.00 6 - 8 days
Maui, Hawaii to San Francisco, California 2,386 miles $1,010.00 - $1,530.00 6 - 8 days
Kauai, Hawaii to Los Angeles, California 2,538 miles $1,040.00 - $1,560.00 6 - 8 days
From Hawaii To Mainland Distance Cost Estimated Transit Time
Kona, Hawaii to San Francisco, California 2,438 miles $900.00 - $1,415.00 5 - 6 days
Maui, Hawaii to Seattle, Washington 2,684 miles $980.00 - $1,500.00 6 - 8 days
Kauai, Hawaii to Seattle, Washington 2,742 miles $933.00 - $1,437.00 5 - 6 days
Maui, Hawaii to Los Angeles, California 2,492 miles $930.00 - $1,430.00 5 - 6 days
Kona, Hawaii to Los Angeles, California 2,501 miles $980.00 - $1,400.00 6 - 7 days
From Hawaii To Mainland Distance Cost Estimated Transit Time
Maui, Hawaii to Denver, Colorado 3,565 miles $990.00 - $1,500.00 5 - 6 days
Kona, Hawaii to Seattle, Washington 2,798 miles $1,035.00 - $1,615.00 7 - 8 days
Kauai, Hawaii to San Diego, California 2,592 miles $1020.00 - $1,547.00 7 - 8 days
Maui, Hawaii to Houston, Texas 3,733 miles $1,020.00 - $1,547.00 7 - 8 days
Kona, Hawaii to San Diego, California 2,630 miles $1,030.00 - $1,557.00 7 - 8 days

**It is important to note that the prices and times listed are only estimates and will vary depending on factors such as the season and the type of vehicle being shipped. Use our car shipping calculator to get an instant price quote for your exact type of shipment.

We are committed to delivering a safe, equitable, and reliable transportation system.

Shipping Methods for Hawaii to Mainland

We have several beneficial methods available for shipping your car from Hawaii to the mainland. Let's explore our available services you can approach to transport your vehicle

Roll-On/Roll-Off (RoRo) Shipping

  • Our RoRo shipping service drives your vehicle onto a specialized ship, where your vehicle is securely dispatched and transported to the mainland.

  • It's one of our most cost-effective options, but it may not be suitable for all types of vehicles or personal preferences. Furthermore it depends on the type of your vehicle.

Container Shipping

  • If you select our Container shipping service then we place your car in a secure container to avoid any damage or harm to your vehicle.

  • Our container shipping offers you some extra protection and security by making it the perfect choice for your luxurious and high-value vehicles.

Air Freight

  • Our air freight service will be beneficial for customers if you're looking for the quickest way to transport your vehicle.

  • Eventually Air Freight service is the most expensive service and may have limited availability for the customers.

Combination of Methods

  • In some special cases, a combination of methods may be used, such as RoRo shipping from Hawaii to the mainland.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

Preparing your vehicle before the transport is essential to ensure a smooth and trouble-free journey,So delivery time and expenses can be cut off. Follow these key steps before transport:

  • Clean your car thoroughly, inside and out, so its inspection is easy and fast.

  • Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle because they do not come under the insurance policy.

  • Make sure to document any existing damage and click photographs for your records to avoid any problem.

  • Make sure to ensure that your vehicle is in working condition so it will be easy for service providing drivers to ship it on time.

  • Disable your car's alarm system to avoid any disturbance in delivery.

  • Ensure to leave only a quarter tank of gas in the vehicle which reduces weight and fuel expense.

Choosing the Right Auto Transport Company

Customers should Select a reputable auto transport company to succeed in their Hawaii to mainland auto transport. And for our Customer satisfaction here we have provided some factors to Consider before you make your choice:

  • Experience:

    You should look for companies with a proven track record in international auto shipping. Some of the experienced Auto shipping companies are Montway, Rapid auto shipping and A1 Auto Transport.

  • Insurance:

    Make sure to ensure that the company provides adequate and beneficial insurance coverage for your vehicle.

  • Customer Reviews:

    Always read Customer reviews, Rating and testimonials from past customers to ensure company services are reliable and trustworthy.

  • Price:

    Always get price quotes from several companies to have an absolute idea about the best and cheapest company for your Hawaii to mainland auto transport so that Quality of service should be a priority.

Cost Factors and Estimates Quotes

The cost of shipping your car from Hawaii to the mainland varies widely on different factors such as:

  • The mode of shipping you choose

  • The model of your vehicle

  • The distance from your mainland destination

  • Seasonal interface and fluctuations in shipping rates

  • Additional services, such as door-to-door delivery

Our advice is to obtain quotes from multiple auto transport companies to compare prices and services and you can check Rapid Auto Shipping for some reliable and trustworthy services. To get accurate estimates, be prepared to provide detailed information about your vehicle and your transport preferences to avoid any problem and delay in delivery.

Preparing for Pickup and Delivery

Prepare your pick up and delivery with Ship Car To Another State. Before your vehicle is picked up for transport, there are several steps every customer have to follow:

  • Confirm your pickup and delivery locations and times with the transport company to avoid every possible mistake and delay in delivery.

  • Make Sure that someone should present at both ends of the transport to oversee the loading and unloading process of your vehicle.

  • Hand over all the necessary documents, including the vehicle's registration to the transport company.

When people want transportation, they want it now.

Tracking Your Vehicle During Transport

Most of the auto transport companies provide tracking services that allow customers to monitor the progress of your vehicle during its shipping and the same service you will have with Ship Car To Another State when you transport your vehicle from Hawaii to the mainland. Take advantage of our services to stay informed about your car's status.

Receiving Your Vehicle on the Mainland

Once your vehicle arrives on the mainland, You have to follow some specific steps to for a smooth vehicle pickup:

  • Check for all inspect your car for any damage or discrepancies. Document any issues you found in the vehicle after delivery.

  • Clear any remaining fees or charges to the transport company.

  • Collect all the necessary documentation, including the bill of loading and Unloading.


Shipping your car from Hawaii to the mainland is a significant task, but with the right knowledge and preparation, it can be a smooth and stress-free process for you.We Ship Car To Another State provide our customer and affordable services at lowest and beneficial costing.You just have to follow the simple steps as we discussed above, you can choose our services or choose other reputable auto transport company, and take the necessary precautions to ensure the safe and timely arrival of your vehicle on the mainland. Whether you're moving for work, family, or adventure, your car should be with you and allow you to explore the beauty of the mainland United States with ease.

Reasons to Choose us for your Upcoming Auto Shipment Needs

11 Years of Auto Transportation

Being an experience auto transporter in the industry, we understand most of the shipping routes and challenges during the vehicle transportation making your car shipping process easy and reliable.

Auto Transport Experts

In the process of Car Shipment it is very necessary to have excellent customer support agents to answer and assist the shipment process Our Auto Professionals goes an extra mile to make your complex car shipping process an easy one.

$ Zero Down Payment

We never take any upfront payment to schedule your Auto Transportation.We charge you money at the time of assigning of the driver. Once Driver is appointed we get in touch to confirm the date and time of the Auto Carrier.

Price Match

You will have unbeatable savings with the Ship Car To Another State Price Match guarantee! We have beaten every competitor's price and we ensure you always get the best services at lowest market cost .

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Our Auto insurance are from the top notch insurance agency making your car shipment 100% insured covering all kind of damages if occured during the car shipment process. Insurance coverage are always included in the price that we offer.

Peace of Mind

Our Responsibility begins once you finalize the order with us. We answer all your questions at the time of booking, work as per your desired Car shipping requirement with the driver and provide you GPS tracking system to track Carrier during transportation.

How we Ship Your Car from Point A to Point B

Get Quotes

It is never easy to get car shipping quotes with other Vehicle Transportation companies, but we here make the process simple as our Auto Transport Experts are just a call away ( +1 (833) 233-4447. ) Our Vehicle Shipping Quotes are based on cost on which we can safely deliver your vehicle to your Desired location on a given time including full Car insurance coverage and taxes in it.

Vehicle Pickup

On Provided Date our Specialise Auto Transport Carrier will contact you and inform you about the Car Pickup Time and Location as Provided earlier. The Driver will pickup the Car with all required tools to ensure the it gets safely loaded on the truck. Driver will take pictures and Videos of the Vehicle and will confirm the same to the Auto Transport Agent

Shipping Process

As soon as we receive your car the care and safety of your vehicle is our Responsibility. We understand that you are not only shipping your car but also trusting us. We provide you the GPS tracking system most of the time to track the current location of the Auto Carrier so you can have peace of mind. As you are shipping with the best Auto Transportation company so your CAr Shipment is Fully insured.

Vehicle Delivery

Like Pickup, Our Auto Carrier Driver will call you and confirm you about the Delivery Time on the mentioned date by the Transport Agent. Our Driver will come to your desired location as close as possible . At the time of Vehicle Delivery we charge you the Final Payment as mentioned during the booking and Drivers take Pictures and videos of the Car to ensure transportation agent about the successful delivery of the Vehicle.

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